Header Image by CAW Member Prue Power, Road from Bungendore (detail), Acrylic.


Canberra Art Workshop is a thriving studio centre for the arts in the M16 Artspace. We welcome all artists, from complete beginners to practicing professionals. You’ll find a workgroup that’s right for you – life drawing, pastel, watercolour, portraiture, printmaking and others  – all run in Canberra Art Workshop’s studio. As well as the self directed workgroups, we also provide mentored groups, tutored weekend workshops, art talks, group shows and exhibitions. Canberra Art Workshop is a non-profit body. We are self-funded; owned and operated by our members. We are gratefully supported by many volunteers including convenors, events and exhibition teams, and our website manager. We are managed by an elected voluntary Committee.


The CAW was founded in the 1950s as the Canberra Art Club to provide a studio for local artists. Other activities carried out by the young Association at that time included:

  • provision of teaching opportunities by invited artists, including well-know figures like Lloyd Rees, John Coburn and Clifton Pugh
  • exhibiting the works of the Blake Prize in Canberra
  • making formal representations to the Senate Select Committee proposing the creation of a National Art Gallery (three decades before NGA opened) and a Canberra School of Art (now a faculty of the ANU).

We continue to provide one of the most exciting and varied calendars of art development events in our region. Through our art we have helped imagine the future for our community helping to build Australia’s most liveable city.

2018–19 COMITTEE

Committee Executive

Rick Cochrane, President
Prue Power, Treasurer
Jill Mail, Vice President
Simon Mitchell, Secretary

Committee Members

Amanda Adrian, Asst Secretary
Ross Andrews, PR
Pam Bleakley, Public Officer
Cliff Woodward
Liz Hanna


committee image

2017-18 CAW Committee (L-R) Amanda Adrian, Rick Cochrane, Jill Mail, Prue Power, Lori Smith, Cliff Woodword, Ross Andrews, Pam Bleakley, Lalor Curran.


Christopher Gray

Michael Creagh

Ross Andrews

Events Team

Prue Power
Amanda Adrian
Julie Spencer

Exhibition Team

Amanda Adrian
Jill Mail
Rick Cochrane

Convenors (Ongoing Workgroups)

Carolyn Brooks, Monday Printmaking
Norma Burne, Tuesday Monoprinting
Rick Cochrane, Wednesday Life Drawing
Julie Goodwin, Monday Life Drawing
Lucinda Lang, Friday Portrait
Jill Mail, Wednesday Watercolour
Pauline Rohan, Wednesday Pastel
Anne Sawkins, Tuesday Portrait
Kate Scott, Thursday Portrait 
Julie Spencer, Thursday Experimental Painting
Hugo Toro, Tuesday Fundamentals Plus
Cliff Woodward, Saturday Life Drawing & Portrait


Patron: Cynthia Watsford, OAM

ABN: 41396335326

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