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Art Groups

The Canberra Art Workshop convenes untutored Art Groups throughout the year. 

The Groups are either subject or medium-specific and cover the full range of visual artistic expression and media. Media focused groups include printmaking, watercolour and pastel. In the Experimental and ExploARTive groups, participants use a variety of media. There are seven life drawing / portraiture groups to choose from. Participants also use a variety of media in these groups. 

The groups are managed by volunteer convenors. A limit of 12 participants per group (plus a model) has been imposed due to Covid-19 restrictions. Art Group participants must be financial members of CAW. 

Members and non-members can see this introductory page. Clicking on a group below will take members to the booking pages for each Art Group. 

Bookings are only accepted online. Weekly booking for ALL art groups will be listed 7 days prior to the start date for each class and removed on the date of that class. The next available date will then show. This will continue for the entire year. 

Non-members will only see a ‘Not available’ message and will not be able to book. 


Carolyn Brooks NATURAL JUSTICE 1

monday morning Printmaking

9.30am–12.30pm | Carolyn Brooks

monday afternoon life drawing

1.00pm–4.00pm | Susan Banks


tuesday morning Portraiture

9.15am–12.15pm | Anne Sawkins

tuesday afternoon ExplorARTive

1.00–4.00pm | Sallie Saunders


wednesday morning Pastels

9.30am–12:30pm | Pauline Rohan

Jill Mail The Prophet watercolour

wednesday afternoon Watercolour

1.00–4.00pm | Jill Mail

Rick Cochrane Loss

wednesday evening Life Drawing

7.00–10.00pm | Rick Cochrane


thursday morning Experimental

9.30am–12.30pm | Julie Spencer

thursday afternoon Experimental

1.00–4.00pm | Julie Spencer

Kathryn Scott An Image for our Times charcoal on paper

thursday evening Portraiture

6.30–9.00pm | Kate Scott


friday morning Portraiture

9.30am–12.30pm | Pamela Daniel

friday EVEning life painting

6.30pm–9.30pm | Evan Williams


saturday afternoon Life Draw/Portraiture

1.30–4.30pm | Cliff Woodward | 2nd/4th Sat