CAW Annual Members’ Exhibition 2021

by | 27 Jan 2021 | Blog post

On Show 2021

Troubled Light

Start painting now!

For the CAW’s Annual Members’ Exhibition: On Show 2021.

Dates: 17 April–24 May 2021
Venue: The Link Ginninderry, 1 McClymont Way Strathnairn ACT 2615 (adjacent to Strathnairn Arts Association)

Theme: The theme this year is Troubled Light.
The exhibition has two sub-themes:

  • The light and colours of our environments
  • The light and colours of our inner lives.

You may like to start thinking about the serious metaphysical issues raised by colour.
These concern the nature both of physical reality and of the mind.

  • colour, as we know it, is a sensation
  • though apparently it can be enjoyed by relatively few of the more than 6,000 species of mammals
  • despite the well-known sensation of colour we enjoy, neither objects nor lights are actually ‘coloured’ in anything like the way we experience them
  • the colour of something is our perception of the appearance it has, as a result of the way in which it reflects light
  • colour and its contradictions raise serious metaphysical issues
  • is colour part of a mind-independent reality?
  • what account can an artist give of their experiences of colour?
We will give you more details on the CAW News Blog and this Newsletter as we get closer to the dates.