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FEES: $180 per 3 session course
FEES: $225 per 3 session course


Evan will be back next year, so keep an eye out for his new classes.

Canberra Art Workshop is pleased to announce that there will be a further series of tutored art classes in classical drawing and painting beginning in February 2019.  

This course provides students with the fundamentals needed to develop a sensitive, artistic eye using methods of representing nature that pre-date modern and abstract art. It provides the basic knowledge and technical ability needed to create paintings and drawings that are personal, expressive and beautiful, and it promotes the idea of art production as it was traditionally understood: craftsmanship which can be applied to drawing and or painting subjects which the artist observes.

Teaching is based on the atelier method, where the tutor and the students work together on the same or similar projects, learning how to draw and paint with realistic accuracy, with an emphasis on rendering form convincingly.  This is done through intensive study of the human figure, renderings of plaster casts of classical sculpture, and observation of the instructor’s examples.    

Each term will consist of three modules, basic, intermediate and advanced. For those who take the full course, by the end of the three painting modules students will be able to paint a life size oil portrait of a live model with a significant degree of technical and colour accuracy, and achieving a good likeness. 

As both courses will be carefully taught and will involve considerable preparation and input from the instructor, the numbers in each class will be strictly limited to a maximum of six and a minimum of 4.  All materials will be provided for the drawing modules, while a materials list will be sent to students before the beginning of the painting sessions.

Classical Drawing Term 1

Note: model fee of $15 is payable in cash on the evenings when a model is in attendance

Basic drawing – (3 sessions) ($180/$225) :
4 February, 11 February, 18 February

Introduces students to the principles of classical drawing using Bargue plates, and other traditional drawing teaching tools.  Students will learn how to use different grades of charcoal and as well as of paper. Sight-size and proportional drawing will be demonstrated and taught. The module will be concluded with a full size drawing from a life-size plaster cast. All materials provided.

Intermediate drawing – (3 sessions) ($180/$225) :  25 February, 4 March, 18 March
In the first two sessions, students will be introduced to the intricacies of how to see, how light falls on a form and how to replicate what is seen on paper using different values of light and shade. The final session will apply these principles to a life study with a live model.

Advanced drawing – (3 sessions) ($180/$225) :
25 March, 1 April, 8 April
Students to complete a cast drawing to a high degree of finish and then draw from a live portrait model over two sessions. At the end of all three modules, students would have a high degree of confidence in their capacity to draw in classical style, both in portrait drawing and figure drawing. This will provide them with the essential background needed to use colour and paint (oil) in portraits and the human figure.

Oil painting Term 2

Students who have completed at least one, but preferably all three modules of the drawing course may begin the oil painting course. This will cover a variety of topics, including materials, setting up a home studio, studio practice and safety, types of oil paint, mediums and other aids.  Utilising the skills acquired in the classical drawing course, students will learn to apply these using oil paint, first with a monochrome cast painting, and then, using a strictly limited colour palette, an oil portrait of a live model. A materials list will be provided to students before the course starts.

Traditional oil painting – introduction (3 sessions) ($180/$225) :  29 April, 6 May, 13 May

This module will provide students with detailed information on the use of oil paints, how to prepare a variety of supports (canvases, panels, paper etc) and will also include demonstrations of how to grind and prepare pigments.  The materials section will also provide instruction on the preparation and uses of different mediums, varnishes and other additives.  Studio practice and safety will also be covered.  Students will then begin the course proper by preparing and then painting a monochrome study of a plaster cast.  The final session will introduce the limited colour palette through the painting of an oil portrait of a live model. 

Traditional oil painting – intermediate (3 sessions) ($180/$225) : 20 May, 3 June, 17 June

This module will concentrate on developing both value and colour skills. It will teach students how to work within the lights and the darks, keeping each part subservient to the overall fall of light.  It will introduce the concepts of big-form modelling, an essential pre-requisite for the early stages of both portrait and figure painting.  Each session will include a live portrait model.

 Traditional oil painting – advanced (3 sessions) ($180/$225) : 24 June, 1 July, 8 July

The final module will draw together the student’s experience from both the drawing and the earlier painting courses.  It will include two portrait sessions and one life painting session, and will call for the highest level of sophistication and judgement on the part of the student in order to produce three carefully studied and rendered works.

This course is most suited for students who have had some experience of drawing and/or painting.  Students who are complete beginners are encouraged to first participate in the mentored workshop LINK or the expressive drawing class LINK.  

Cancellation / Refund Policy

If you find you are no longer able to attend:
Please advise [email protected] ASAP so we can notify the next in line.
Please include your name and the name of the workshop/event.
Refunds will be given at CAW’s discretion, if:
The participant withdraws from the event or workshop at least 14 days prior to commencement.
The place can be filled by someone on the waiting list.
The workshop is cancelled by CAW.