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Tutored Classes

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Rick Cochrane

Evan Williams

Hugo Toro

Expressive Art

SUNDAY Morning

SUNDAY Afternoon

Drawing Basics

SUNDAY Afternoon

Colour Mixing





TUESDAY Evenings

Fundamental Plus

Tutored Classes

Our studio also doubles as a teaching space with Tutored Classes. Our classes provide the building blocks for participants at various skill levels in developing their art practice. Onoffer currently are:
Fundamentals Plus with Hugo Toro
ExpressiveArt with Rick Cochrane
Classical Drawing and Painting with Evan Williams.
Throughout the term participants in allcourses will be learning about the basic elements of art, principles of design, genres, techniques and the importance of drawing.
Participants of CAW’s Tutored Classes do not have to be a financial member of CAW, but members do receive a significant discount.  Various prices apply.Additional model fees apply where relevant.
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