Fundamentals Plus

Please contact the Mentor below with any questions for this group.

Places are limited.


Mentor: Hugo Toro

0423 390 377

FEES per term:
$80 CAW members only
Note: Additional contribution is required to compensate guest artists and models.
Participants to bring their own materials.

The program will be offered in 2018 on Tuesday nights for 7 weeks per term. Each term the program will vary themes and art media so as to provide participants with a wide range of experiences throughout the year.

Fundamentals Plus offers new and existing CAW members a great opportunity to expand their skills by undertaking  art projects in a mentored environment. As mentor, Hugo Toro, aims to generate a positive learning experience beyond the basics and to build confidence.

Key feature:

The main focus of this group is to cater for 10 participants who are seeking to develop their art skills. The program:

  • Is a mentored CAW workgroup focusing on developing art skills.
  • Allows participants time to progress an art project of their own over several weeks.
  • Encourages participants to gather their own tools and materials.


2018 Schedule

Please download for term details: Fundamentals Plus Art Course

Term 1 – Charcoal
Starting late 30 Jan 2018

Term 2 – Watercolour
Starting 1 May 2018

Term 3 – Acrylics
Starting 24 July 2018

Term 4 – Oil
Starting 16 Oct 2018

Program Overview

Typically the program will look like this:

Week 1 – Getting started
Materials shopping list
Planning the art project with your tutor

Week 2 & 3 – Making progress
Preparing a good draft
Discussing progress and learning from others in the group

Week 4 and 5 – Developing a final draft
Checking perspective, tone and colour
Introducing detail

Week 6 – Achieving a good result
Working confidently and knowing when to stop
Applying final touches

Week 7 – Finishing the project
Finish a competent piece of work
Take away newly acquired skills

Hugo will be working alongside you discussing and demonstrating all aspects of the work. He will explain and demonstrate fundamentals and techniques as you work through the challenges of your own work.

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