Monday Life Drawing Workgroup

Please contact the Convenor below with any questions about this group.

Places are limited.
Leonie Mayes at the easel
Convenor: Julie Goodwin / Lucinda Lang
Model fee: $100 per term

We are a cohesive, enthusiastic and dedicated group who work on individual techniques and styles using media which ranges from pencil & charcoal to pastels & watercolour.

Some members like to prepare and paint up supports at home in order to achieve maximum benefit of modelling time during class.

Our life models present poses which are both professional and challenging, each offering a unique style of work.  Some are also artists and understand both the constraints and opportunities of working from a life model.

Though numbers can fluctuate, the core group has been together for a number of years and we enjoy an afternoon tea break which members voluntarily provide once per term.  This develops social cohesion and a community spirit within the group.

Our studio wall displays receive positive feedback, giving members a chance of taking the sometimes risky step of presenting their drawings to an audience.

NB: Photos of life models posing nude are not permitted.

A Peek Inside Our Group

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Working from a life model requires good observation and interpretation skills. While we concentrate during session, we take time during the breaks to learn from each other and relax.

From the Studio Wall

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