Portrait Tuesday

Please contact the Convenor with any questions about this group.


Convenor: Anne Sawkins
6286 3558
Model fee $35 per term
We are a group with a wide variety of approaches and skill levels to portraiture. We choose our own mediums – charcoal, ink (pen, brush or broken stick), pencil, paint (oil, acrylic or watercolour). Our models are of a wide age range and sit in the one pose (20 minute time spans) for one session.
Participants concentrate on working quietly, but enjoy catching up and discussing their art during the model breaks. We appraise each other’s work and learn by osmosis, rather than tutoring.
One member of our group enjoys organising morning tea/coffee and everyone contributes some small change which covers the cost and pays for a lunch at the end of the year. Sometimes, a member will bring along a cake.
Everyone shares in setting up the easels and donkeys at the start of the morning and also in clearing away and tidying up.
Please arrive by 9:00 to set up before the first pose session, usually beginning around 9:15.



7 + 9 =

model under lights
Our model gets comfortable under the lights.
portrait work
Work gets underway.
portrait work
Sociable breaks allow for conversation…
portrait work
generous support…
portrait work
and sharing ideas…
portrait work
before resuming our places…
portrait work
and geting back to work!
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